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Get Some & Feel Good

Our latte mixes are always packed with vegan ingredients proven to have anti-inflammatory & antioxidant effects, including over 600mg of adaptogenic turmeric — or Curcuma longa (if you’re feeling fancy).

They Love Us a Latte

Be surprised by how good you can feel.

This is a place to come exactly as you are, enjoy a delicious latte, and watch as your body is restored to an easy balance. 

Each and every small-batch blend we make is exceptional at reducing inflammation, rallying immune systems, and readying you for whatever the world has ahead.

Toss aside the inaccessible wellness of yore.
It’s time for whole healing that’s here for us all.  

Everything We Craft is Sourced With Incredible Amounts of Care

Our incredible Denver crew makes every small batch of latte mix with humor, heart, and heaps of healing vibes.

With the exception of Pink Salt from the Himalayas, all of our certified organic ingredients come straight from India.

The Recipe Den

Golden Root Turmeric Lemonade

 Photos by Shelby Elizabeth PhotoCreative Direction and Styling by Eve CucciaShot at Studio Sunnyside Our Golden Roo...

Golden Turmeric Stuffing Recipe

Recipe and photos by Eve Cuccia *We adapted this recipe from the Class Stuffing recipe by INGREDI...

Golden Hot Cocoa made with Bibamba

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Solstice Sun Cookies with Golden Root Turmeric Icing

Recipe and photos by Eve Cuccia *Icing is best on sugar cookies, but can be used on any cookies* --Will fros...
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